Blog Post Cover Photo. An anthill with ants and overlay text that says everything has consequences

Recently, I took my oldest son on a two-day camping trip. It was the start of his milestone ceremonies as he transitions to manhood. Our theme this time was, “Everything has consequences.”

Milestone Ceremonies

I am designing these milestone ceremonies to happen at significant moments in his biological development. At each age and stage of life, he will discover more responsibility and insights into his plan and ultimate objective into life. It’s like an extended “coming of age” ceremony.

  • 8 – Pre-Puberty.
  • 12 – Puberty
  • 16 – Driving and Freedoms Blog Post Cover Photo. An anthill with ants and overlay text that says everything has consequences
  • 18 – Adulthood and Goals
  • 21 – Final Milestone Ceremony

Each of these trips is designed to teach him something about the way the world works, his capacity as a man, and what it means to live a life of service and dedication to others.

This first trip, happening at a primitive campground in the high desert of California, was raising him to the awareness of his body, the changes that will happen, and to start him thinking about planning his future choices.

He was (partly) responsible for packing appropriate things, and helped me set up and tear down camp. We also learned a bit about how to make a fire, hunt animal tracks. pay attention to our surroundings, and emergency medical and hazard situations.

In the heat of the Friday afternoon sun, we were blessed with what became our theme, somewhat unexpectedly.

The idea stuck: everything has consequences.

The Results of Our Choices

Underneath the hot afternoon sun, we spent time watching an ant colony work. Suddenly, two dozen beetles came and landed near the colony. Instantly, the ants swarmed and started attacking the beetles. The beetles, encumbered by the swarm of ants, tried to escape. Some were successful. Others were quickly dispatched and stuffed down the hole of the ant colony.

In the middle of our observation, Jackson turned to me and said, “Dad, are you for team beetle or team ant?”

“I dunno. I’m just interested in watching and seeing what happens. I want both to win.”

As we sat there in silence a few more minutes, I started our conversation.

In life, everything has consequences. That’s not a bad thing. Consequences don’t have to be bad. They are just the result of what we choose to do. What happens if we help all the ants kill the beetles?

All the beetles lose their lives. Justin and Jackson camping

Right. And what happens if we help the beetles escape?

The ants have nothing to eat.

Correct. You will make choices that affect other people. In fact, every choice you make has an effect on something. Be sure you make choices you can live with, morally, ethically, and practically.

As he sat there in silence for a few more minutes, he finally muttered. “Huh. Everything has consequences.”

Building a Life of Choices

The life you’re living today is a result of the choices you’ve made along the way.

Good, bad, or indifferent, you are exactly where you should be because of the choices you’ve made so far.

The great thing is, if you don’t like where you’re at, you can make different choices.

Chart a new path.

Create a new outcome.

Change direction.

Channel different energy.

Just because this is where you are, doesn’t mean this is where you have to end up.

Your story is not over.

If you’re ready to make new choices, I’d love to be a part of your story and help you make a new destiny.

Just remember: everything has consequences.






Attend the 2021 Overcomers Conference

Building With Purpose Conference Cover Art


The Overcomer Conference is less than a month away and here are five reasons you should attend this year’s Building With Purpose Conference.

1) It’s Designed with YOU in Mind.

Let’s start off with one of the best things about the conference: it’s designed with you, the participant, in mind.

We’ve thought of everything in this year’s speaker lineup.

We talk through all issues of personal and business success.

  • Sustained High Performance
  • Burnout Prevention and Recovery
  • Human Resources
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Emotional, Mental, and Physical Health
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Coaching
  • And more!

If you are a business owner or a key decision-maker, this is the conference for you to attend this year. In one, completely online conference, you’ll get answers to your most pressing questions.

2.) The Depth of Material

Last year’s conference was a huge success. We helped lead the way as the world was transitioning to a work from home model.

This year is no different.

Experts in a variety of fields have lined up to bring you the best from leading-edge

Dr. Chris Brooks - Building WIth Purpose 2021

 neuroscience, team building and culture, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

For example, one of our speakers is Dr. Chris Brooks.

 Chris is the head of a venture capital firm helping BIPOC entrepreneurs gain investing in the tech space.

One of the amazing things about Chris is his story. In his interview, he shares how he went from prison to CEO and landing a 50 million dollar investment in the first quarter of 2021.

He also shares his go-to LinkedIn strategy that has helped him land over 5,000 warm contacts that include some of the leading CEO’s from American business.

3) You Will Maximize Your Influence

What if 2020 was meant to teach you lifelong lessons of transformation?

What if your biggest fear should not be, “What if this happens again?” but “How do I implement the lessons of change from this last year?”

Micaeh Tice Building With Purpose 2021

It’s those burning questions that we answer at this year’s conference.

As a business owner or leader, you care. About your community. You care about your employees. You have a heart for the business. And ultimately, you care about remaining healthy through it all.

That’s our desire as well.

Our panel of experts believes in your greatness and in your ability to lead. They are here to support you and guide you so that you can take everything from 2020 and use it to skyrocket up the ladder of success.

4.) It’s all about small business.

Last year, one organization held a virtual conference for small business owners.

There was only one problem: their speakers were all from large businesses.

The conference organizers were completely out of touch. Michael Roberts Building With Purpose Conference 2021

This is not the case with the Building With Purpose Conference.

It’s hosted by a small-business owner.

The conference speakers are all small business owners.

The target demographic is those who own and work in American-run small businesses.

You have a heart for small businesses.

Attending the conference not only supports small business owners, but it also grows your own small business (whatever stage it is in).

5.) A Chance at FREE Coaching

Still on the fence about attending?

Everyone who registers before the conference goes live to the public on April 1st is automatically entered to win a $2,000 coaching package with me.

That’s right.

On top of the insane value from the conference, you are automatically entered to win 12 weeks of executive coaching with me.

Ready to register? Just follow this link.

I can’t wait to see you at this year’s Building With Purpose Conference!

Episode 33 Cover Art "Elite Mental Performance"

This week on the podcast, we talk about Elite Mental Performance and what it takes to achieve lasting greatness.

It was a fun interview because the tables have been turned! In this week of the Bakersfield Business Mastermind, Scott and Juanita interview me. Episode 33 Cover Art "Elite Mental Performance"

During this interview, we talk about the secrets to high performance, sustained excellence, how to avoid burnout, and integrating work and life.


Some key takeaways:

  • Focus on the big rocks
  • Daily, repeatable habits are the foundation to success.
  • You’ve made it through 100% of whatever life has thrown at you (so you’ll make it through the next challenge).
  • Success can be defined however you want, make it meaningful.
  • Do something that gets you out of bed with energy and passion every morning.

About Justin

If you’re new to the podcast, welcome!

My name is Justin, and I’m an Elite-Mindset and success coach. Throughout my career, I’ve been a pastor, educator, and serial entrepreneur. I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and world changers attain elite mental peformance through burnout prevention, habits, and compounding daily wins.

About the Mastermind

The Bakersfield Mastermind is a collaboration between Dr.’s Scott Thor and Juanita Web.

To hear Scott’s interview, go here.

Listen hear Juanita’s interview, go here.

To watch video replays, go here.


Want to connect with Justin and reach your own full potential and elite mental performance? Email him.

Team doing puzzle with Increasing Creativity text over top

As a leader, one of the things you’re responsible for is increasing the creativity for you and your team.

Settling on Solutions

As leaders, our natural disposition can be to settle on solutions. That’s leadership, right? We know the problem, tackle the solution, and keep pushing forward.

Not necessarily.

In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Leaders who are expected to know and have all the answers create two primary problems.

First, they limit the effectiveness and full potential of their teams.

Second, they are subject to burnout.

Because of this, a large part of great leadership is not just about providing answers but creating an environment where our team can come up with better ones. Increacsing creativity happens thorugh an intentional delay.  Team doing puzzle with Increasing Creativity text over top

Instead of seeking answers to questions like, “What’s probable?” as a question like, “What’s possible?”

Creativity is about “What’s Possible”

One of the necessary shifts in leadership thinking is to encourage and facilitate questions around what’s possible.

Instead of moving to solution-oriented ideas and tasks, entertain possibilities of the wild and extravagant.

  • Imagine a customer writing your business praising you for your new product that helped them. What did they say, feel, or experience? Once you know what that end destination is, then you can work backwards to create the product you just visualized.
  • Pretend a new company pops up and exploits your weaknesses, what would they do? Now that you know your biggest weaknesses, you can discover new ways to beat them.
  • Plan how you would operate your business if you were operating at ten times your current profit margin. Once you are aware of that, continue the discovery processes by dreaming up those new products and services. Start testing those and implement big change.

Increasing Creativity

Implementing a creative making process for your team or organization benefits everyone.

The team will be more productive.

Your customers will have a better experience.

The community will experience greater blessing.

You will have less stress and more productivity.

However the process looks for you, take time to implement that creative process time

  • Bring together multiple disciplines.
  • Research seemingly unrelated fields or areas of interest.
  • Study the competition.
  • Hire a coach.


Want to work with me to increase your teams productivity? Contact me here.

Looking for more ways to stay inspired? Follow me on YouTube.

Whatever you do, don’t be too quick to settle on solutions. Look for what’s possible, not just what’s probable. Listen to those around you and look for new ways of doing things.

Blog Post Cover, you are a salesperson text and man in business suit

One of the biggest shifts I see young entrepreneurs and business owners need to make is in their belief in understanding that they are a salesperson.

They might be visionaries, great leaders, product developers, weekend grinders, but they are not (at least in their belief) a sales person.

Guess what: if you don’t sell your product, no one is going to buy it!

Sales is what your company does to make a person give you money for a product they want … The sales process requires a complete knowledge of the product that the company is offering, and needs to be defined by the service standards and criteria that the company has set.*

The Death of a Salesman

I’ve shared on the blog before the early explosion of my coaching practice. In short, I saw quick growth in a short amount of time. Within the first year of coaching I had exceeded my regular income.

I let it go to my head.

I stopped marketing, stopped networking,  and stopped advertising (all things we’ll look at in the next post of this series).

The result was inevitable: I also stopped selling. As I finished up with my clients, I had no pipeline to refill, no prospects to call, and no income to replace what was lost. By the end of my second year, I was down to one regular client.

I failed to follow my own advice and never once told myself, “You are a salesman.” I didn’t want to sell myself, my products, or my services. And so I sold nothing.

I found broke.

That led to being miserable. Blog Post Cover, you are a salesperson text and man in business suit

Eventually, I vowed to change.

Listen. Share. Offer.

Recently, I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. It was my first trip to this dentist, and we were making the usual awkward small talk while he dug around my mouth.

Inevitably, he asked me what I did for a living.

I work with small business owners like yourself focus on getting the right things done to maximize their business and personal lives through executive coaching and HR solutions.

It’s a question I’ve answered a thousand different times. I play with the wording depending on the situation to make sure it has maximum impact.

He sat quiet for a second. Pull away from my gaping mouth, scribbled something on the notes, and went back to work.

Now, I don’t know if he wrote a note to call me later to talk business, but I do know he spend a good portion of the rest of the time talking about how busy he was and how hard it can be to get everything done. At the very least, I’d touched a nerve that made him aware of how I could help.

Most of the time, my answer follows three easy steps to help me know how to talk to the other person, initiate low-pressure sales, and move the conversation forward.


First, I start with listening. I know how to shape a conversation and usually get to ask what the other person does for a living first. This time, I already knew (dentist), and had to guess at what some of his pain points might be.

But the important thing is to start with listening. Open your ears. Shut your mouth. Let the other person describe themselves, problems, hopes, dreams, fears, and family. You’ll learn quite a bit and have a good platform to engage them from.


Find a way to share about yourself. Your family, your own hopes, dreams, fears, and wild goals. Then share what you do, and if applicable, find a way to share how it could help them.

Above, I offered this, because I know what it’s like being a businness owner and having a wide range of needs on a day to day basis. He ended up telling me quite a bit about his struggle in balancing work and family, kids, grandkids, employees, and medical records. We have similar pain points and struggles. I knew I could help.

*It’s also worth noting that sometimes you may not be able to help a person. In these situations, don’t force your product unnecessarily and don’t assume they aren’t a worthwhile contact to have. Just because you can’t solve their problem doesn’t mean you can’t solve their siblings, parents, friends, or neighbors.*


The final step is to offer your services. Sometimes this happens right away, especially if I feel like I stand a good chance at closing. I tried this recently and closed a great deal for early next year.

Sometimes, it’s an offer to follow up. Networking events can be difficult to engage in deep-level business talks. Schedule a coffee or offer to come by their office.

Othertimes, it’s also a chance to keep the door open. The time may not be right, but they might know someone. I have a list of people that I will probably never do business with (for a variety of reasons). With them, I keep in touch every couple of months to check in, start a conversation, and see what’s changed. I may not get their business but I may just get business from someone they know.

Offering to stay in touch is a salesperson gold mine.

As business owners, we are the visionaries. We believe in our product more than anyone. That makes us the chief salesperson in our organization, whether we run a show that is just us, of a team of 100 people building a thriving business.

No matter your work.

No matter your product.

As a business owner you are a salesperson.

Eight Core Concepts

This list is updated as the blog series continues. Click on any live link to go to that post in the series. Create and Orchestrate Book Cover

  1. Leadership
  2. Finance
  3. Operations
  4. Growth
  5. Product
  6. Service
  7. Sales
  8. Marketing

* Whitney, Marcus. Create and Orchestrate: The Path to Claiming Your Creative Power from an Unlikely Entrepreneur (p. 88). Creative Power. Kindle Edition.