Podcast Cover Art: Interview with Howard Kinnick of Nutrishop Bakersfield

Today’s interview is with Howard Kinnick of Nutrishop in Bakersfield, Ca.

Welcome to season three of the LeaderQuest Podcast! This season we are focusing on small business leaders who have had to pivot or transition during the 2020 Covid Economy.

Each interview was structured around three main questions:

  • How did your business pivot during 2020?
  • What does the future (2021) look like for your business?
  • What is a current problem or question that your facing? 

During each interview, you’ll hear real stories from real business owners. They will share their highs and lows, along with important lessons learned along the way. You’ll be able to take their knowledge and turn it into wisdom.

Today is Howard Kinnick from Nutrishopnutrishop logo located in Bakersfield, Ca.

Please note: this interview was conducted prior to the Presidential Election on November 3rd.

About Howard and Nutrishop

As you’ll hear in the interview, Howard is a people person. With a strong background in sales and a leadership position during the last economic downturn, he brings a wealth of wisdom to his position with Nutrishop.


As a health store, Nutrishop cares about the total health of its customers and is committed to high-quality products and reasonable prices. Their goal is not simply to help customers lose weight, but to achieve a healthy life and body composition. They go beyond pushing products and strive to help their community be active and fit in all areas of life.


Howard is a personal friend and a wise companion. What are your top three takeaways from his interview?

Visit with Nutrishop Bakersfield

Nutrishop Bakersfield Podcast Cover Art: Interview with Howard Kinnick of Nutrishop Bakersfield

9000 Ming Ave.
BakersfieldCA 93311

Connect with Nutrishop Bakersfield

Website: nutrishopbakersfield.com

Instagram: @nutrishopbakersfield.

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Small Business Celebration

I had the amazing honor of being on the Small Business Celebration podcast last week.

We talked about goals, New Year’s Resolutions, Business, why everyone (even a coach) needs a coach!

I also talked about “the rocks.” We’ve all got them, and I’ll teach you how to leverage them to get the most out of life.

It’s an amazing podcast and Michael is doing great work. I was humbled to be a part of his amazing lineup of speakers. Small Business Celebration Logo

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A Growing Community

Speaking of podcasts, season two of the LeaderQuest Podcast  is gearing up. This will include a similar format to season one, but I’m growing my guest list. If you’ve got an idea of someone you want to see on my podcast, please let me know!

I’m excited for what season two has to offer and know that it will bring a lot of value and benefit to your life. I’m also aware that it could be even better. Leave me your thoughts and feedback (and a 5-star review wouldn’t hurt either!).