Power, Privilege, and Squelching the Spirit

No, it’s not. It is a highly sophisticated interlocking block system.

That’s the explanation from Will Ferrell’s character in The Lego Movie. His son is messing with the legos and Ferrell is desperately trying to put everything in it’s proper place.

He was tired of everyone messing with his stuff.

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Signs, Wonders, and the Resurrection

There is a popular Facebook poster that asks others to enter what they think of you. In the comments section, you leave a number or color that is often associated with a feeling, character, or relationships status.

Leave a 1 if you want to be my friend.

Leave a 2 if you hate my guts.

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God’s Radical Economy

I remember sitting in my first ever office as a youth pastor to two small churches in rural Kansas. Fresh out of college I had no real idea about what to expect in ministry. Preparing for that night’s lessons, the church treasurer stepped into my office and handed me my first paycheck. An exciting sense of accomplishment swept over me, only to be followed by fear.

“Now, don’t forget to take your taxes out of that so you don’t go to jail.” She chuckled.

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