Reader Satisfaction Survey

I’ve been blogging for just over two years now and during that time I’ve made several changes to the blog include domain name, focus of content, and logo. One thing I’ve consistently seen is a growth in readership, and for that I am extremely blessed. I hesitated even starting a blog because I felt it put me ‘out there’ too much, but after time wrestling in prayer and in discernment with my wife, I decided to use it as a spiritual discipline.

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Mess in the church

There is a natural reluctance to face the problem. Christians seem to despise reality. We tend to be squeamish when looking at the destructive effects of sin. It is unpleasant to face the consequences of sin — our own and others’. To do so seems to discount the finished and sufficient work of our Savior. And so we pretend we’re fine, when, in fact, we know that something is troubling our soul. A dull ache occasionally floats to the surface, or stalking memories return in dreams or in odd thoughts during the day. But why bother about such strange feelings when our salvation is guaranteed and life’s task is clear: trust and obey?

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Leaving Our Fear Behind

I was marching in formation when someone came screaming onto the field. With all the commotion, we stopped to hear what he had to say. As he ran closer we heard him screaming, “Oh my God! Someone hit the World Trade buildings!” We finished our marching band practice quickly, ran inside to the closest television and spent the rest of the day with our eyes glued to the television.

I can tell you where I was, at what time, what I was doing, and who I was with.

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