Episode 26: Louis Tolentino with the Coffee Mill

Today’s interview is with Louis Tolentino of The Coffee Mill in Tehachapi, Ca.

Welcome to season three of the LeaderQuest Podcast! This season we are focusing on small business leaders who have had to pivot or transition during the 2020 Covid Economy.

Each interview was structured around three main questions:

  • The Coffee Mill ShopHow did your business pivot during 2020?
  • What does the future (2021) look like for your business?
  • What is a current problem or question that your facing?

During each interview, you’ll hear real stories from real business owners. They will share their highs and lows, along with important lessons learned along the way. You’ll be able to take their knowledge and turn it into wisdom.

Today is Louis Tolentino of The Coffee Mill in Tehachapi, California.

About Louis

Louis is a friend with an extraordinary business mind. I have immensely enjoyed our off-air conversations about life, family, and survival in this business economy.

This interview is a personal favorite and the wealth of information, his passion, and his plans for future growth and service are inspiring.

Throughout this interview, you’ll hear not only how he cares for his staff, but how he is bringing innovation to a crowded coffee market and the larger Tehachapi area. Tune in to get inspired!

Connect with Louis @ The Coffee Mill


120 S. Mill St

Tehachapi, Ca 93561 Episode 26: Louis Tolentino with the Coffee Mill

Phone Number: 661-822-6455

Website: https://thecoffeemilltehachapi.com/

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