LeaderQuest Podcast Episode 8

Welcome to the LeaderQuest Podcast Episode 8. This week we are talking about ways to bring passion and purpose to our work.


Work takes up a significant portion of our week. Add on to that family, self-care, hobbies, andlife’s unexpected moments and you’re probably feeling overworked.

But the problem is not really our work. While some may need to focus on working less (those chronically overworked includes those regularly working 50 hours a week or more), the much more likely scenario is that you need to bring more passion and purpose to your work.

Join Elise and I this week as we talk about this topic.

  • What does it mean to work with passion and purpose?
  • How can you cultivate?
  • What are some easy hacks to get the momentum going?

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As always, thank you for listening! I really appreciate it.
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