Building With Purpose Online Conference

The amount of good we can do is multiplied when we aren’t burdened by debt.

This was one big takeaway from me from Scott Thor on his presentation during the Building With Purpose Conference.

Building With Purpose

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Burdened By Debt

Most of America is burdened by debt. The recent stay-at-home order and the dramatic rise in closed businesses have only magnified that. Many of us are now wondering what’s next and how to proceed. Scott gives us great insight, and here are three of my own personal takeaways.

1.) We have the ability to do more good when we aren’t burdened by debt.

When we actually know how much of our money goes to repaying debt each month, it’s usually appalling. Most of us, as Scott says, “make too much to be this broke.” By getting out of debt, we have time to do more of the good things in the world we actually enjoy.

2.) We must find joy in things outside of money.

Scott shares a powerful story about getting out of debt. It was good…for a while. Eventually, that too wears off. We must find our significance in the people and relationships that matter most to us.

3.) Simple steps lead to big breakthroughs.

As a Dave Ramsey financial coach, Scott walks his people through the “baby steps” process. These simple yet powerful steps lead to a life that is no longer burdened by debt.