Welcome to episode 20 of the Mission-Critical Leadership Podcast. Coming up on today’s episode, I’ll give you four skills to H.E.L.P. you listen better. You’ll win at life and work with these four skills, so let’s dive in.

In This Episode

Today, we talk about the four skills to H.E.L.P. you listen better to those around you. We live in a world that is highly divided. Most of the time, we are waiting to respond instead of truly listening to those around us. Waiting to respond is not listening. As a coach, I listen to people and make sure they are communicating with the world the way they want to.

Skills to H.E.L.P. You Listen

The skills to H.E.L.P. you listen can serve as an acronym that reminds you of how to develop your listening skills.

H stands for Hear. Do you really hear the person you’re talking to? Instead of waiting to respond, try to really hear what they are saying.

E stands for Empathize. Now that you’ve heard them, empathize with their viewpoint. Can you detect emotion? How are they frustrated? What made them angry? Are you better able to see their worldview or perspective? Empathy builds bridges of connection.

L stands for Learn. What can you learn from them? This doesn’t mean that you have to agree with everything. Instead, it is an acknowledgment that you don’t have it all figured out. When you try to learn from them, you admit through humility that you are trying to get better.

P stands for Proceed. How do you proceed in unity? With a world marked by divisive politics, religious ideologies, and sports teams, how can we create common ground areas of understanding?

When you hear someone, empathize with their viewpoint, learn from them, and proceed in unity, you have made progress as a listener. Using these skills values those around us and models strong, courageous leadership. By utilizing these four points you will succeed at work, in life, and in the random moments of joy and intrigue around us every day.

About Justin

Dr. Justin Hiebert works with mission-critical leaders to accomplish the unimaginable. Justin knows that no leader needs more things to do, so he works with his clients to get the right things done. His clients rise above burnout, captivate their teams, and transform their communities. By engaging their hearts and minds, his clients unlock their full potential to be, do, and have it all. This affords them the ability to leave a legacy of influence and impact on the world. He is a husband, father, teacher, learner, and champion of joy. He resides in Bakersfield with his wife, four kids, two cats, and one dog. In his free time, he loves exercising, riding motorcycles, and doing anything outdoors.