Episode 18 - Leah Zimmerman

Episode 18 – My Interview with Leah Zimmerman.

Welcome to the Leaderquest Podcast. This season will consist of interviews conducted for the Building With Purpose Conference I held back in May. This is Episode 18 – My Interview with Leah Zimmerman.

If you failed to register for the full course, stay tuned for the rest of season two! I’ve got interviews coming up with each of the contributors. You’ll be able to glean wisdom from them and apply them in ways to grow yourself and your business.

For the conference, I assembled a diverse team of business professionals to examine the stay at home order and how we can achieve maximum productivity and success while in quarantine. The conference focused on the front of a newly issued stay-at-home order. Now, four months later, it seems all the more timely as the economy is looking to reopen.

This is Episode 18 – My Interview with Leah Zimmerman. Episode 18 - Leah Zimmerman

My Interview with Leah Zimmerman

In this episode, I’m having a conversation with Leah Zimmerman. She is a business coach focusing on family-run small businesses. Her specialty is crucial conversations, helping business owners, and their families, prosper during difficult conversations, transitions, and succession.

You can find out more about Leah here.

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What’s one takeaway you have from Episode 18 and my interview with Leah from the Building With Purpose Conference? How will you take control of your business’s future?

I love the wisdom and sense of calm she brings to the table. In the midst of COVID, many businesses are struggling. This is especially true of family businesses. A change in finances and vision can affect many people in the same house. Each has stake in the game. Each needs to be heard. Yet every person can become defensive and make the attacks personal because they know the other parties well. Leah’s presence and wisdom are reassuring and helpful. As a trusted coach and guide, she can help business owners pivot and family members celebrate more wins by having productive “difficult conversations.”

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