Human Resource Solutions

Running a business is difficult. You’re trying to manage your dream business, keeping the products available, staffing your store, building a marketing campaign, networking with other leaders, and developing your employees.

You’ve become aware that something needs to change, but you’re not sure what. Then, a letter in the mail comes from a government agency telling you that you’re not in compliance and are going to be audited.

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare.

I’m here to help. As a SHRM-CP certified HR professional, I’m here to answer any HR questions you have about your business. From recruiting, onboarding, employee development, and departure, I’ll service all aspects of your human resource needs. You’ll get all the paperwork, forms, and documentation to keep you up to date. Justin talking on the phone. Badge with "SHRM-CP Certified" on the label.

I may not be able to help you with your manufacturing time, but I can help give you some of your precious time back. Your life is busy enough, don’t stress over human resources.



To help you, I offer two service packages.

First, I offer question and answer type services. These one-off answers are used by you on an “as needed” basis. Want me to produce a form? Answer an HR question? Find the right answer for you? Implement a particular policy?

I can do that!

You reach out to me only when you need me and I’ll give you all of the requested items in a timely and organized fashion. From there, you implement it into your workplace and with your employees.

Second, I offer comprehensive Human Resource solutions. Want to outsource the whole thing? Reach out to me and schedule me to be your HR department. I’ll handle everything HR-related, keeping you up to date and giving you real-time information for you to use and implement. I’ll create a custom package that fits your needs, company size, and particular requirements and oversee everything. Plans are fully customizable and can be modified quickly and easily.

Many of my clients have found that this option works really well with coaching. If you’re interested in a combination of both coaching + HR services, reach out to me for a custom plan to make sure you get the most value.



Interested in knowing more about SHRM? The Society for Human Resource Management is the world leader in Human Resource information, training, certification, and knowledge. If you’d like to know more or connect with them personally, you can do so here.