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As a young child, my mother was a librarian. This meant that I spent days off of school and most of my summer vacation free to roam our local library. Getting lost in the world of story and imagination has had a profound impact on me.

It sparked a deep sense of creativity and passion in me. It shaped the foundational theory that I have about communication and change. Namely, that through effective communication we can transform ourselves, our relationships, and our world. Live Engagement Picture

As a young child, I never imaged that I would love to deliver speaking and keynotes for a living. I have transformed from a shy, socially-awkward person to an enthusiastic and passionate speaker.

I now wake up every morning with a passion to serve my clients and help them create industry-leading organizations the embody these principles.

Through inspiration, humor, and the transparency of my own journey, I partner with my clients to help their people communicate effectively in their teams, with their customers, and to a watching world.

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Justin’s Bio

I grew up on the plains of central Kansas immersed in a world of imaginative play. The son of a farmer and an educator, I spend most of my time outside exploring the world with my older brother (and getting into trouble).

I discovered my love for public speaking after college where I fell in love with the craft and art of engaging speech. I firmly believe that the spoken word is a powerful weapon that can shape and transform the world.

My talks are designed to engage the head and the heart in ways that lead to lasting transformation.

When I’m not speaking or consulting businesses, I love to spend time with my family (My Wife + 4 Amazing Kids), reading, on home improvement projects, riding motorcycles, and exercising.

I live in the central valley of California soaking up the sunshine and carving out a little piece of paradise.

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Speaking and Keynote topics

  • Dynamic Leadership Development
  • Teamwork, Culture, and Customer Experience
  • Embracing Your Personal Story

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Justin’s keynote really helped me dig deeper into myself. – John C. (Realtor)




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