High-Performance Scorecard (Bundle)


Two printable scorecards for leadership growth and mental performance to help you achieve and maintain peak productivity.

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I’m finally releasing the high-performance scorecards I’m using with my elite clients.

See if the following sentences describe you.

High-Performance Scorecard

I’ve got big goals. Big dreams. Big aspirations. I know that I’m trying to accomplish world-changing tasks without sacrificing or compromising my humanity.

Those are some basic underlying themes from my clients.

While your work matters, you are not defined by it. Instead, you’re looking for ways to capitalize on your time and effectively invest in others.

That’s why I invented the high-performance scorecard.

The bundle contains two different scorecards that I use with my executives.

The Leadership Card

The first card in the pack is designed for those leading teams. It provides you with daily overviews of your goals, objectives, ways to invest in your team, and mindset objectives.

Additionally, this card outlines the must-have wins for each day, and tips to reset when you’re feeling stressed.

The Mental Habits Card

The second card in the pack is designed for anyone wishing to up their mental game. Use this card to get in the habit of writing down your goals daily, reframing your mindset, providing affirmation, and journaling at the end of each day.

Additionally, this card gives you reset tips and a jump start on the next day’s tasks. You’ll go to bed feeling in control of your life and direction. By clearly outlining your day, you’ll know exactly what actions are producing the best results and how to continue investing your time.

The Bundle

I have been using these cards for over a year, both personally and with my clients. They are designed to be printed out and carried with you daily. Your purchase gives you instant access to a high-quality PDF for you to print out and carry in your day planner.

Use these cards individually or pair them together to really experience transformation.

I’ve never before released either high-performance scorecard but want to give you access to it now. 2020 has been a year unlike any other, and as you gear up for the final quarter, I want you to crush your goals and meet your objectives.

Note – Only one purchase required for both cards. Download once and reprint daily for maximum effectiveness.

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